Basketball Shoes That Increase Vertical – Comprehensive Guide

Are you looking to increase your vertical leap on the basketball court? Well, look no further! The right pair of basketball shoes can make all the difference in improving your game. Not only do they provide stability and support, but they can also help boost your jump height. In this blog post, we’ll dive into what to look for in a vertical-increasing shoe and highlight the top five basketball shoes that will take your game to new heights. So let’s lace up and get ready to dunk like never before!

Basketball Shoes That Increase Vertical

Basketball Shoes That Increase Vertical

Basketball is a game of leaps and bounds, where every inch can make the difference between scoring or missing. To gain an edge over your opponents, you need to invest in basketball shoes that increase your vertical leap.

But what exactly makes a basketball shoe suitable for increasing vertical? Firstly, look for shoes with good ankle support as it helps prevent injuries during quick lateral movements. Additionally, choose shoes with excellent cushioning technology that provides shock absorption upon landing. Another crucial aspect is flexibility; select shoes that allow natural foot movement while still providing stability.

Now let’s talk about the best basketball shoes available in 2021 to improve vertical leap. The first on our list is the Nike Air Zoom Freak 2 due to its exceptional grip and bounce. Next up are adidas N3xt L3v3l sneakers featuring lightweight construction and responsive cushioning perfect for jumping higher.

Another top pick is Under Armour HOVR Havoc 2 which offers excellent traction combined with comfortable padding around the ankles. Puma Clyde All-Pro also makes it onto our list due to its lightweight design and sleek aesthetics finally followed by Jordan Jumpman Diamond Mid offering overall comfortability even after prolonged usage.

What to Look for in Vertical Increasing Shoes

When it comes to finding basketball shoes that increase your vertical, there are several factors you need to consider. First and foremost is the shoe’s design. Look for shoes with a high-top or mid-top design that provide ample ankle support. This will help prevent injuries and give you the stability you need when jumping.

Another important factor is cushioning. Shoes with good cushioning can absorb shock upon landing, reducing stress on your joints and helping you jump higher without causing pain or discomfort in your feet.

Traction is also crucial when selecting basketball shoes for increasing your vertical leap. A shoe with proper traction will allow you to push off the ground more effectively, giving you greater lift as you jump.

In addition to these key features, look for shoes made from durable materials that can withstand the wear and tear of intense play. And don’t forget about comfort: make sure the shoes fit well and feel comfortable on your feet so that they don’t distract from your performance on the court.

Top 5 Basketball Shoes That Increase Your Vertical

Top 5 Basketball Shoes That Increase Your Vertical

1. Nike Air Zoom Turbo – These shoes have a unique air zoom unit in the forefoot that provides extra bounce and energy return, making them perfect for increasing your vertical leap. The midsole is also made of foam that cushions your feet during landings.

2. Adidas Crazy Explosive – With their full-length boost technology, these shoes give you maximum comfort and responsiveness on the court. They also have an anatomical lacing system that locks in your foot for added stability.

3. Under Armour HOVR Havoc – These shoes feature UA’s signature HOVR cushioning technology that helps reduce impact when jumping or landing while providing excellent energy return. The shoe’s mesh upper keeps your feet cool and comfortable during play.

4. Puma Clyde Court – Designed with a high-top silhouette to support ankle stability, these shoes help you launch off the ground with ease thanks to their NRGY beads cushioning system which enhances energy return.

5. Jordan Super.

Fly MVP L – Thanks to their React foam technology, these basketball shoes provide exceptional shock absorption and comfort while still offering unparalleled traction on any surface.

These are just some of the top basketball shoes available today that can help increase your vertical jump so you can excel on the court like never before!

Key Features of Basketball Shoes That Increase Vertical

When it comes to purchasing basketball shoes that can help increase your vertical leap, there are certain key features you should look out for. These features can make a huge difference in enhancing your performance on the court and taking your game to the next level.

Firstly, one important feature is shock absorption. Basketball involves a lot of jumping movements which puts pressure on your joints and feet. Shoes with good shock absorption technology will reduce impact and prevent injuries.

Secondly, traction is crucial for stability when making quick cuts or pivots during games. Look for shoes with high-quality rubber soles that provide excellent grip on any surface.

Another significant feature is support. Shoes with sturdy ankle collars provide adequate support for players who tend to roll their ankles frequently while playing.

The Pros and Cons of Basketball Shoes

Basketball shoes are a vital piece of equipment for any basketball player. They offer support, stability, and comfort to the feet while playing on the court. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to wearing basketball shoes.

One of the benefits of wearing basketball shoes is that they provide excellent traction on the court. This feature helps players maintain stability and avoid slipping or sliding during quick movements. Additionally, most basketball shoes have ankle support features that prevent injuries caused by twisting or turning.

On the other hand, one disadvantage of basketball shoes is their cost. High-quality basketball shoes can be expensive compared to regular sneakers due to their advanced design technology and materials used in construction.

Another drawback is their weight; some players may find them heavier than regular sneakers which could affect their performance on the court. Certain designs may not fit a player’s foot shape or size comfortably leading to discomfort and possible injury.


Investing in basketball shoes that increase your vertical can significantly improve your game by providing you with the extra boost and support needed to perform at your best. When choosing such shoes, it is crucial to consider factors such as cushioning, fit, traction, and stability.

The top 5 basketball shoes we have discussed – Nike Air Zoom BB NXT, Adidas Harden Vol.3, Under Armour Curry 7s, Puma Clyde All-Pro Kuzma Mid Basketball Shoes and Reebok Shaq Attaq Modern – offer excellent features for increasing your vertical leap without compromising on comfort or style.

Remember that while these basketball shoes are designed to help enhance your performance on the court, they should not be relied upon solely for improving your vertical jump. A well-rounded training program consisting of strength training exercises and proper technique also plays a crucial role in achieving better results.

So go ahead and get yourself a pair of the best basketball shoes for increasing vertical leaps today! With their advanced technology and innovative design elements tailored towards enhancing athletic performance levels – you’ll be sure to impress everyone on the court with both style AND substance!

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